This is my first revolution. Steal it

„She is a courageous kid from Chisinau who teaches us a lesson of patriotism – this is what the Romanian press wrote on Paula Erizanu, the author of the book This is my first revolution. Steal it. The text talks about the 2009 turmoil in Moldova, seen by a 17 years old adolescent.” (Jurnal de Chișinău)

„A painful and bitter cry of desperation of a generation deprived by the present and who believes, truly believes, in dreams, illusions and hopes.” (Bedros Horasangian, Cultural Observer, Bucharest)

The book was distinguished with the prize for the 2011 most beautiful book production in an emerging market by UNESCO Germany and the German Book Art Foundation.

The book contains photographs and videos from the 7th of April 2009 movements in Moldova.

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Editura: Cartier
Domeniu: Ebook
An ediţie: 2012
Ediţia: II
Format: epub
ISBN: 9789975797689

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